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No, its not possible to make a game uncrackable. IFW is not speaking about 'fixed protection', which is a different prospect altogether.

The problem with game copy-protection is that once its written, it can't evolve, its set, its fixed. So whatever the programmer has done, is done.

I developed a copy protection for Speris Legacy that unfortunately could not be duplicated, hence Team 17's Lame-o-doc-check.

If someone can design something, then someone can figure it out.

As for most of the crackers being kids...... not so!

Also, attempting to hack the cards on these new Pay TV systems is a waste of time, most hackers simply hack the system the cards plug into You'd be amazed at what systems have been hacked for a while now

If someone can design it, someone else will make it their business to understand it.

There is no such thing as an uncrackble copy protection for games, it hasn't happened yet, and it won't happen now.
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