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No sorry, crackers were quite often just kids, with will enough to spend a few hours on removing a copy-protection, but developing a game requires month and years worth of dedication.
There are rewarding moments of developments, both most of the time it is real work.

But there were few worthy talents out there too:
TLC->Factor 5

It is possible to create something that by the time it gets cracked nobody would care.
It is just too expensive for a game and would be very annoying for the real buyers of the game.

If you want state of the art protection check out CryptoWorks, Seca 2, MediaGuard etc. All of them are being used in pay-tv services.
The only keys that get out from these cards are the keys currently being used, and they change about every 10 minutes.
Communication codes, blocking, addressing specific receivers and cards are all unknown about these systems, what you may find is fake or useless.
By the time they get cracked, the services will just change to a new viewing card.
But we are not talking about $30 games here, but $600-$1200 yearly tv subscriptions so the motivation of protecting the system is "slightly" bigger
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