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free cpu% without breaking sound ?

I have a rather silent i7 laptop so when the cpu is used too much it's immediately noticed.
So I prefer keeping the "cpu idle" setting very high (actually at maximum) to remain low enough even with a screen filter (around 25% ; it would be nice if no cpu was used if there is no actual screen update but that's another story).

However the sound really doesn't like that setting. It can go wildly both in positive (no big deal) and negative values ; and down to -30% it starts to miss buffers. This morning i played some aiff with play16 and it had dramatic effects.

I could simply change that idle setting of course, but having 75% cpu used permanently isn't exactly a nice thing for me...

So is there a way to play with settings so that it can still keep up with sound but doesn't needlessly use the cpu ?

Or perhaps a different idle setting depending on whether some sound is there or not ?
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