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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I'm well aware of what happened, but no, it's still not clear how that supposedly affects OS3 development. If they managed to purchase P96 outright that would clearly be a problem and I sincerely hope that never happens, but as it stands they only licence it so it has no bearing on other, unrelated development using P96.
You are right that it is not clear. Hyperion has been very anti-68k while A-EON at least pretends to be pro-68k but hasn't lifted a finger to help the 68k situation (several opportunities lately) despite Hyperion owing their existence to them. If I had bailed Hyperion out of bankruptcy, I would have demanded majority ownership (control) of Hyperion. Tech companies like Hyperion usually have little to no assets to use as collateral for loans and ancient intellectual property for a dead market usually doesn't attract many suitors. Maybe Trevor is that naive. A fool and his money will soon part. Maybe Trevor controls Hyperion and the 68k front is a fraud to convert 68k users to PPC. If he controlled Hyperion, the contract for P96 may already apply to a 68k AmigaOS depending on how it was written. This is what makes it related to the P96 situation but not a peep with big name developers like Jim Drew and ThoR asking for help. It is not clear what is going on but it is clear that there is plenty of fishy business in the Amiga elite. Why does the Amiga perpetually attract poor leadership/management and corrupt business types?
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