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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post

I still don't really get your point. What parts of OS4 do you need in OS3? They don't own P96, it's only licenced for OS4 so that's of no relevance to this thread. They're also not interested in OS3, which is why I mentioned Microsoft - neither Microsoft nor Hyperion have any desire in developing updates for OS3 so both are as irrelevant as each other when it comes to furthering the OS, and I can't see how either of them are hindering development of the OS either.
They are not interested in developing anything 68K, but they are interested in sabotaging any development for 68K because it might draw the crowds from their beloved PPC back to 68K again.

For more info see recent Hyperion meddling in P96 conundrum.

Hope it is clearer now.
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