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Cheers guys,

You can find out more on the little page I put up over here:

I'm also on facingbooks and twitterings if you want to follow more:

I'll post on here and any other Amiga sites I find that have forums with details as I continue.

Likely is there'll be an early access version coming to either or Steam (depending on whether I go for steam greenlight and whether that is successful).

Hope it is for amiga, maybe RTG.
It's not for Amiga lol. I'm building the game using a modern engine (it's built in Unity) and am targeting PC and Mac to start with, hoping to get it out on consoles after that. I want to bring the game to a wider audience because I want to revive that gravity cave-flier multiplayer thing - that genre all but died out back in the 90's, it'd be nice to have a working example of the breed available to the masses by way of steam or consoles.
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