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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
If they're ignoring the 68k market then that's their problem.
It is our problem too. This thread wouldn't exist otherwise.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
There's no reason you can't hire some developers to produce whatever updates you would like for OS 3. You might even be able to get Cloanto to help out - they've already shown an interest in updating the OS by releasing the 3.X kickstart, so maybe with more support they could organise a release 3.10 or something with support for RTG, USB and all those other things we'd like. If the market for such an update is 100 times the size of the OS4 market, surely they'd have no problem making back the development costs.
I could program the updates myself if I wanted to reinvent the wheel again. With enhancements, we can have more flavors and incompatibility. Sources need more #if defined() in them for more different options. The Amiga market is small enough without all the flavors and add-ons to support but the size of each individual flavor must make developers laugh when someone suggests developing for the Amiga, if they have even heard of the Amiga. I am too embarrassed to mention to friends that I still use an Amiga. Starting over with less features than what was already released would be sad.

Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
I'm all for OS 3 updates, but I'm really not sure why the lack of advancement is the fault of a company who choose not to be in that market. With that thinking maybe we should blame Microsoft too - after all they're not doing anything to update OS 3 either.
Microsoft owns Windows and not the AmigaOS. Different league and ball game. Windows is in the professional league and we are playing a disorganized tee ball game on 4 different fields at the same time. Also, Billy G. doesn't pretend to support the 68k Amiga.

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