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Well, if there are genuine updates, and a easy to use GUI/screenmode preference is made, I wouldnt put it past people to be intrested in supporting P96 license.
The P96 GUI/screenmode preferences are easy and fast to use. They just are non-Amiga UI like (don't use a standard GUI or follow the User Interface Style Guide well). What would really be an improvement with today's monitors would be querying the monitor for the settings. Of course, that is too much to ask when we don't even have a developed or supported AmigaOS with RTG and we have a 3rd party GUI (MUI) overtaking the "official" GUI (Reaction) because of lack of AmigaOS support. All this because the minority elitists control the AmigaOS for a few PPC users while ignoring the much larger 68k market (classic 68k users, emulated 68k users and FPGA Amiga users). Are they going to keep ignoring us and turning up there noses when we outnumber them 100:1? They are already keeping even more users and developers away because of the situation. They are doing an even better job than C= of anti-marketing the Amiga, focusing on the wrong markets, and ignoring the markets with potential. The Amiga curse of the brain dead Amiga controllers lives on. Only Amiga makes it impossible.

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Im not inherently against paying for something that I feel is worth it, altho since Im mainly a Vampire user in the future, how that story ends is the decider.
Hopefully, he is smart enough not to pull another PPaint debacle. Why do people buy anything from the bad players who milk them for every minor update and modules which should be in the OS?
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