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Amiga Today

I'm a longtime Amiga fan... but I've been out of the loop for many years now. I thought I'd come back to the community to see what's new, and it appears the answer is: Quite a lot!

There's been a Kickstarter to produce a new A1200 case that never yellows, with all kinds of new slots for DVI and the like. And there's also something called Raspberry Pi, which I don't fully understand. There's also something called a MiST FPGA Board, and something else called an A1200 Reloaded.

It's all a bit much to take in a first glance. Is there a guide somewhere which breaks down what a "modern" Amiga is about?

Where would an old Amiga fan go and what should they buy, if they wanted a bit of "real" nostalgia? (I must say those new cases look very slick, for example!)

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