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There seems to have been some regression in shared directory support on Kickstart 1.2.

The attached config is A500/Kick1.2/512K+512K with a shared directory configured, which is read-only and not bootable.

For testing I booted from a WB 1.2 disk, pressed Ctrl-D to interrupt the startup-sequence, then typed these CLI commands:
> CD SHARE:Work/TST.L_test (that dir exists and there are a couple of files in it)
> Dir

3.2.2: seems to work OK
3300b2: seems to work OK

3300b3: on typing Dir, get a Software failure requester. Log output:
Illegal instruction: 00c0 at 00000004 -> 00FC07E0

3300b4 and later: does not begin to boot from floppy, get flashing power LED then alert #00000004.00C01570
Log output:
filesystem: diagentry 00c04628 configdev 00000000
Illegal instruction: 00c0 at 00C04682 -> 00FC07E0
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