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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
You was a bit too fast with your assumptions. Jens wrote that he can`t know the amigaforever customers. So he can`t urge them.
I realise that there's a language barrier, but it's important to be precise when trying to translate Jens'... bullshit.

He states he's going to urge (German: "auffordern") AF customers to buy a P96 license from him. After getting quite some negative feedback about that statement, he makes it sound like somebody accused him of planning to force AF customers to buy such a license and then defends himself against said accusation (which was never made). He's just playing games.

Much more illuminating is his reasoning for doing that, btw. (keep in mind he doesn't own P96 yet):

We tried for weeks, to verify what kind of license Cloanto has for P96. Cloanto tried to string us along for weeks, but in the end claims that Michael made (for example) in a Boingsworld interview could not be verified. So the most likely scenario is Tobias' und Alexander's version is true: There was a small one-time payment without a written agreement in 2001, but that would equal only about a hundred Shareware registrations. The amount of AF copies sold is probably much higher than that.
"Cloanto didn't reply to me, so they're obviously lying in public".
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