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I only download copyright stuff from torrent cos I can't afford what they are asking for it otherwise i would buy it,$49.99 is about £34.16 I just don't have that sort of money,I will not go into why.Same with the $29.99 is about £20.51 sound good but just don't have the money,and I don't want to buy Workbench when I allready have it,and it's a waste of my money.(£140 a fortnight don't go far)

sorry to ask this here but what is the difference between the Premium and the Plus Edition,I know you get a dvd with the Premium but over £10 more for a DVD and videos is abit much,You don't get the videos with the Plus Edition..?

Anyway back to topic..sorry..I think the videos should not be copyrighted,they should be out there for the world to remember the Amiga,it's part of history.I like looking up old Amiga videos on youtube I have some on my youtube channel,what will they be block's silly.

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