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Originally Posted by Overflow View Post
Im staying far away from concluding anything, because unless you read everything on every forum (and I would still probarly get it wrong), its hard to get a grasp on all the twists and turns.

But, since you say Olaf is wrong, for the uninformed, what is the correct version?
and I could say maccy is on his fanboy trip if I would be sarcastic

Jens S. writes that Cloanto used P96 for amigaforever without license and are refusing to agree to pay more money. So he wants that the buyer of amigaforever license P96 because they use it without license. Later on (after my post) he admitted that he has no real mean to force anyone to do that so he wants to make them bad conscious. One post bad boy, then good boy and only shitstorm and misunderstanding, then again what bad boy/good boy? I do not understand what he really wants expecially with such senseless postings.
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