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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
While it is probably to early to ask: - while the CPU would support a faster clock - it would have substantially less memory than the earlier version of the ACA1221 - would this be reflected in price point?
ACA1221 and ACA1221EC have caused about the same development cost. As explained a number of times, you don't pay for components, but for development.

Since I don't know the final cost of this production run (you can only know after the number of failures is known), there's no final price yet. I do want this to be in the same area as the ACA1221, so the target for 28MHz, 9MB Fastmem and MapROM is "around 100,- EUR". There's a few options on how to put a price tag on 42MHz overclocking, and I tend to choose yet another new pricing model: Have it always included in the price, and give a refund if it doesn't work or the customer doesn't like it for some reason. This means that the "around 100,- EUR" tag is reached after the refund has been issued, but the price of the card will be "around 120,- EUR" in the shop.

Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
one thing that has surprised me though, ever since the development of the Chameleon, why has Individual Computers not developed an FPGA based upgrade for the Amiga?
I did develop quite a few FPGA-based upgrades for the Amiga, and the "Reloaded" Board will continue on this history. It's just that I didn't attempt a CPU yet due to the high testing effort. We've opened a huge can of worms with the Chameleon on the C64 side, and we still haven't collected all of them. The project is running for over ten years now, and it is causing huge losses. Guess what an even more complex project will do in ten years.

I do see a chance for Gunnar&Team (Vampire/Apollo-core) to make a fully compatible CPU, but I really don't want to discuss that here. While I still get chunks of real M68k CPUs for affordable prices, it's cheaper to make accelerators "the old-fashioned way". Well, not all that old-fashioned, as memory speed and power consumption have improved over the years.

Originally Posted by SmoothEmJay View Post
Any idea on an availability date? itching to get an accelerator in this thing but might be able to hold out a little longer if the difference is going to be worth it.
ACA1221EC and ACA1233n may both be available in late june. Production of both is running already. I know a lot of people want a 128MByte 68030 accelerator, but the 55.55MHz version is very expensive. The ACA1233n with 40MHz will be around 240,- EUR.

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