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In response =)

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Originally Posted by Zetr0
For under $10 - this seems very very reasonable - true if you Google the crap out of the internet and find these - but $10 (£6.50 GBP)
You wouldn't have to google the crap out of anything if some people didn't claim their copyright to a 25 year old OS. Do you have to google much to use a C64 emulator?
Interestingly I was thinking at physical systems not emulation - but in response to the question - No you dont have to go to far to get a C64 emulator - but one doesn't have to go far for (Basic) Amiga, NeoGeo etc etc. - so I am unsure as to the point.

I will say though, as a collector of the 8bit Commies, there is a lot out there to buy and support like Jiffy DOS for instance - just because another platform is "more" open than in comparison to another really is a baseless argument. While they maybe of a similar vein they are different entities and different ages too.

The bit I think you miss here, is you are really arguing about price - would you be so aggrieved if it was a token $1.50 payment or even a $5 donation based for preservation?

I seriously doubt anyone would be - and it is at that point my friend, what value you place on the software is your own perspective.

£6.50 saves me a lot of time - and arguably NOW one could obtain lots of these cheap (licenses) *if they are transferable* - repackage the HDF's with Classic / Better Workbench - and arguably legally sell them.

Isn't that what the community wants - updated OS's with low bar of knowledge entry and a lot less fuss?

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Originally Posted by Zetr0
Would be great if we could get a Classic Workbench Version - perhaps an extended license from Cloanto with a donation or something - I would certainly buy the shit out of that.
Why buy something you already own?
1. Convenience in regards to the digital down load of the OS
2. I don't own the work BloodWych put in on Classic Workbench, as such would be nice to donate something for his time and creative efforts
3. I will be honest and ask the same thing of myself when I log into - and still buy that set of lucas games I already own the originals of!

Since the legal ambiguity is clearer - it does free up a lot of potential ideas for a lot of projects - and that is where I would spend my time rather than to stamp ones feet into the ground and demand it should be free.

Even AROS isn't FREE - many people have spent a lot more just to get one small part of it working (they are my Heroes!) - it just shifted the cost from the end user.

Wouldn't the community love to see the option to legally purchase a Classic Workbench and Better Workbench customized HDF(s) for sale - keep the prices low - around $15 or $10 + donation - instant download from the internet - everyone wins and is still cheaper than my WHDLoad license -

In all truth $10 can be a lot of money especially if you don't have it, yet $10 is absolutely fuck all in regards to any costs in this hobby - it would probably cost me more to buy working floppies to put the ADF's onto.

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