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Originally Posted by eXeler0 View Post
The manufacturer of this card might (or might not) be busy handing out soup to the homeless to regain some recently lost karma points,
All re-gained by publishing what *really* happened, which has been confirmed by all involved people. Those who don't bother to follow German discussion forums can just wait until there's real news to publish.

ACA1221 is discontinued due to "no more CPUs in stock". However, I'm working on the ACA1221EC, which is almost the same design with a different CPU: Instead of a 68020-16, it uses a 68EC020-25. The CPU is faster, but it can only address 16MByte total. With 16MByte physical memory, it means that not all of this can be used as fastmem. It's 9+1+6MB memory:

9 MB fastmem
6 MB RAM disk

Clocking is also different on the ACA1221EC: Only three different clock rates are available:

21,28 MHz
28,38 MHz
42,56 MHz

The latter will only work with a certain mask of the CPU (mask set E13G). Switching between clock rates can be done while the computer is running, so the CPU governor can be adapted to this card.

Clock ports are identical: The ACA1221EC has the RTC/Clock port, and the fast RapidRoad port that can be used at the same time.

The ACA1221EC looks almost identical to the ACA1221: Black PCB, same size, same position of components. Only the CPU and RAM size are different. I am currently finalizing the CPLD design, as there are a few things to take care of for full availability of all RAM when used on the ACA500plus (limited address space requires banking, and I want all RAM to be available at least for use as RAM disk).

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