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Originally Posted by SmoothEmJay View Post
Hello everyone, haven't been here in quite a while (so long I had to re-register). But I've finally dusted off the A1200 and really liked the idea of this card, nice and affordable.

However it's now vanished (obviously due to high demand) with no date for any restock. Does anyone have any idea if this will ever be available again? Should I keep waiting.

Thanks everyone, also hope you are all well.
The manufacturer of this card might (or might not) be busy handing out soup to the homeless to regain some recently lost karma points, but I'm sure he'll be back with more of these cards. ;-) ;-)
Did you check with several retailers btw?
(Amigakit, Vesalia, GGS data, Amedia, Although once it's out of stock in one place it usually dries up quickly everywhere.. the track record for accurately announce the next shipment is not good...
Anyhoo, It's reasonably priced and if running old stuff with a speed-boost is your goal then it might be a good choice. You can start low, then unlock it later for max boost .

Other options are second hand 030 cards. Don't get alarmed by Blizzard 1230 mk 4 cards prices.. A mk 2 should be obtainable for a reasonable amount.
(You might even find Blizzard 1220s)

Then of course, if you really want to take your 1200 to the next level and don't mind waiting til the end of the year or so, Google for Vampire 1200 or search these forums for more info.

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