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Originally posted by Twistin'Ghost
Yeah, I seriously hope those games at that site don't really look as terrible, but Pyro and I were having a phone chat and doing side-by-side comparisons between the Amiga and ST versions of games (that site only has 0 and A, so it wasn't that much to compare). Everyone should do really is fascinating at how much better Amiga versions were graphically.

Then we checked the games that there were no Amiga versions of. Over half of those were PD (like STOS games) that were only listed because they appear on "menu disks". Most of those were simply terrible looking. Even the commercial games not appearing on the Amiga were pretty terrible looking. I would imagine the Amiga missed out on very little in the way of missed commercial games.

As for LGD, I was researching some Amiga games in the past which LGD turned up for the games on Google. I was very nice, posted to their clumsy forum correcting info in their database, ie, they claimed Growth to be a PD game, so I posted a small scan of the game box and offered the year of release, etc. Not a single response, nor did they update their info. I get the impression nobody is running the shop other than a series of scripts, which is a hugely impersonal experience. I returned a month later and it took me forever to even find my post there due to their inadequate forum engine. I noticed a few others posting correction info, which also appeared to be unattended to.

We're really very fortunate that the Amiga community is so passionate about its heritage! It's the price we pay for being, as CBM stiffs referred to the Amiga community, "a bunch of fanatics".
As I'm listening to "A Soldier's Death" by Enrico Morricione, I lament their forum layout. It's abysmal, no class, prro "order" and totally impersonal and cold. It's worse than Network 54 Amiga forum. The place does not have personality by any means.
I just use their and The Legacy's Atari St scans for my research/hunting needs

I think many of the Atari ST games look pretty bland next to their prettier Amiga counterparts. But some look as good or better.
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