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Originally Posted by amigang
Update: Cloanto have been in touch they are working behind the scene to reverse the stikes, no idea if the video can come back online, they are looking into the matter as they said they dont really actively police Youtube, but because of recent commercial films they kind have been forced to tighten control (from the sound of things, not really by there choice). hopefully we can get though this, and both sides can learn from it. thanks for your support guys.
I am pleased that they contacted you - hopefully you can get this sorted - I suspect, in part blame, it is the auto IP content management system employed by YouTube.

Originally Posted by amigang
PS: I did email them as soon as it happened and I had that channel for 9 years no problems, until now, funny after two COMMUNITY backed films got made that suddenly interest and value is placed on these 30 year old videos. I blaim more them than Cloanto
I have to admit, if you get the opportunity to watch Bedroom to Billions you will see what a labour of love the authors managed to produce. I have yet to watch The Amiga Years, but some good friends tell me its really good, even better.

Its been a while my friend - good to read you on here!

Settle in buddy, its a long reply =)

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
All copyright laws are made after an obsolete system and shouldn't exist anymore. We don't need more of those, we need a new system. Fuck copyright.
I agree copyright laws are based on an obsolete system. at its very heart a copyright is a legal monopoly.

However I do disagree with "and shouldn't exist any more" - personally I think they should just not in the manner that they are today.

"fuck copyright"... really

What would protect YOU if someone used your work for financial gain at a financial detriment to you?
"We cannot all be farmers for our food, nurses for our wounds and doctors for our ailments - we have a society and markets based around technology and intellectual products - their time, investment and effort needs to be met as much as the farmers, nurses and doctors - in fact some of these people owning intellectual products would be farmers, nurses and doctors"
If I write a song or paint a painting - I am creating intellectual property - if I write some code or design a new PCB - I am creating intellectual property - while one side is physically tangible - the other is intellectual so we ALL benefit from a legal frame work that protects our physical possession from theft and our intellectual work from abuse - I am not saying what we have does all that - but it is supposed to.
Please note, I wont get into the debate about copyright infringement being theft - because I do not believe that it is, nor will I give any credence to anyone whom believes in perpetual copyright - thats just insane and massively stupid.
Originally Posted by Akira View Post
To add up, two things are being confused here: copyright and author rights:
From my knowledge I am not the one confused here, so I will try and see what you are alluding too, you can quote me if I am wrong =)

Copyright is granted the instant of a materials creation to the author. The author can be an individual or a corporation. Most corporations (in most markets) will have development teams in house where as others license the copyrighted material from individuals / groups.

It is in the terms of these licenses that contain the pertinent information of ownership (licensee and licensor) - in most cases of exclusive copyright contracts - I am sure that there are caveats when upon liquidation of licensee the rights to the work will return to the original copyright holder. However liquidation does bring in administration, and by that extension may, unless there is such a caveat in the license agreement, the administration process could retain the exclusive copyright contract and sell it on.

As one can imagine - copyright law is pretty much a wild frontier crossed with a mine field

However in regards to these videos I suspect they were commissioned by CBM and whom ever bought the copyrights to that work will now own it.

However there is a caveat to this, should this work have been placed (in whole or in part) in the public domain, they cannot take it back out again.

(Getting to the point, stick with me Akira )

An interesting point that you raised though is it possible upon the liquidation of CBM the rights to the copyrighted work return to the original author?

Well here is where it will get sticky, if the author was an employee of CBM at the time, then very VERY unlikely - if however the copyrighted work was commissioned (exclusive license) - then it is entirely possible that the original author would now own the copyright for that material.

Good luck with that in court - it would cost a serious amount of dollars to get to the bottom of that one.

(Closing thoughts?)

All in all Akira, I do share your frustration with copyright, it is far from a workable system of fairness - but we can only change this when enough people come together and push through change in our legal systems.

you cannot change a closed system when you are not part of it.

Originally Posted by acd2001 View Post

Cloanto confirms transfers of Commodore/Amiga copyrights
In the last few months, Cloanto started distributing Amiga System Software - the publisher traditionally refers to it as "Workbench" instead of "AmigaOS" - on CF cards, Floppy Disks and as a downloadable Workbench Disk Image Pack. Approached by Amiga-News, Cloanto's Michael Battilana confirmed that the company owns the copyrights for all works created by the Commodore/Amiga companies up to 1993.
Included ADF files:
  • Workbench 3.1 Floppy Disk Set (6 images)
  • Workbench 2.1 Floppy Disk Set (5 images)
  • Workbench 1.3 Floppy Disk Set (2 images)
  • Kickstart 1.3 Floppy Disk (for Amiga 1000 systems)
  • Superkickstart 1.3+2.04 Floppy Disk (for early Amiga 3000 systems)
  • Relokick 1.4a Floppy Disk (to downgrade newer systems to 1.3, code included by courtesy of Galahad of Fairlight)
Included HDF files:
  • Workbench 3.1 Hard Disk
  • Workbench 2.1 Hard Disk

For under $10 - this seems very very reasonable - true if you Google the crap out of the internet and find these - but $10 (£6.50 GBP)

4 OS's, 1 Boot Disk and 2 Read Rocking Hard files sounds like a great deal to me..

Would be great if we could get a Classic Workbench Version - perhaps an extended license from Cloanto with a donation or something - I would certainly buy the shit out of that.
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