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The Picasso96 software is freely re-distributable, with the exception of manufacturers (according to the read me).

I am well aware of what the DDK is. I got the DDK from Tobias when I wrote the video drivers for EMPLANT's Mac emulation. Unfortunately I can't find the files and the only info I have now is what is contained in notes in my video driver source code.

Some people have apparently been threatened over making a Picasso96 compatible video card. This is why I stated the laws here in the U.S.

If Elbox released the DDK without permission, then that would be illegal as it would have a copyright, but that's it. Developing a driver with that information, no matter how that information was obtained, would not be illegal in the U.S. as long as the code was original. Just like disassembling a driver and writing code based on the structure is not illegal here in the U.S.

I am going to chat with Jens about all of this to see what is really going on.

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