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Originally posted by Oscar Castillo
Damn! That A1200 was too cheap. I have a couple of them expanded, but just memory and FPU, one 8MB the other 10MB, one with a 60MB HD the other with I think an 84MB HD.
I guess I'd get next to nothing for those. Unless I get lucky on eBay.
Depends on how bad somebody needs one the week yours is on ebay. Some stuff does go for more money. I dont see those $399 buy it now for A1200's anymore, prices have been taking a nose dive with the economy.

How many a1200's did you have? I think mine was purchased from you (stock machine).

I am thrilled I found an accelerator with scsi option for $75, but it wasnt on ebay. I bet I can sell it there for double the money (not going to happen).
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