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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
I am a firm believer that now more than ever before in human history we need effective (international) copyright laws - my only argument would be the outrageously generous lengthy terms given to copyright. IMHO no more than 30 years - thats it, work goes into the public domain.
All copyright laws are made after an obsolete system and shouldn't exist anymore. We don't need more of those, we need a new system. Fuck copyright.

To add up, two things are being confused here: copyright and author rights:

What we have here however is slightly different, Cloanto claims to own the copyright to "The Work" aka the source material. As such I will assume that they legally do for my following thoughts[/B]
There's no way Cloanto can own the work. The work here is the video itself which was shot and edited by someone, and by contract the license to use it might have been transferred temporarily or indefinitely or not to some other company like commodore to USE however they wanted, but the AUTHORSHIP still remains with whoever made the video in the first place, probably. Having worked in video for a long time, I can tell you, that most times you don't sell any fucking authorship to a client. Because there's no point/need.

Cloanto has NO GROUNDS to claim rights on it. What are the grounds? What have you breached? Does ANYONE remember that all Cloanto has is the license to redistribute the kickstart ROMs and workbench? REDISTRIBUTE. They can't even claim the "Amiga" name and if that's all there is to it, are they calling copyright shots on anyone that uses an Amiga logo regardless of the context?

Why did they do a claim in the first place and under what circumstances???

A video like the AMIGA LAUNCH video is a historical event documentation. even if they COULD at all claim anything of it (which I am sure the don't), what the fuck is the benefit of taking it down? If at all, they have damaged everyone by blocking a historical event from being seen online by everybody. It's fucking disgusting.

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