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I am a little confused on this whole licensing "issue". Perhaps things are different outside of the U.S., but here there is absolutely no licensing requirement for the Picasso96 software... period. You can manufacturer a video card that is fully compatible with the Picasso96 software without any legal repercussions. You just can not include the Picasso96 software with the video card without permission/licensing, because that software is a copyrighted work. Our laws here in the U.S. protect the consumer from monopolies. Much like it is legal to write software for your iphone via a jailbreak, or modify firmware in your automobile's ECM, you most certainly can produce hardware that supports someone else's software. It's even legal to reverse engineer a product to determine how it works here in the U.S.

The only real issue I see is the lack of information about the driver structure that many of us are after. That it's it. Again, maybe the laws are different in Germany and other countries. Here in the U.S., we have no licensing issue because there is no copyrighted code being included with any video hardware.

I am hoping that Jens will "sell" developer kits. THAT is the only thing worth anything as far as the Picasso96 software is concerned.

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