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I'm relatively new here but I've been reading this thread on and off for the last few days and now reached what is a very sad end and it's a real shame. Final Fight on the Amiga was the first home version of the game I ever owned and although I had my complaints about the gameplay it was technically a very polished port that was still very playable.

I've just started to learn coding on the Amiga with a goal of making my own scrolling beat 'em up in about a million years time and it was really nice to read about a guy who had so much passion for a similar project and this game in general which as a fighting game fan, is one of my favourites.

I'd love to take up the reigns where Leathered left off but unfortunately I don't know a bob's arse from a copper's elbow at this stage so I hope it's seen to fruition in one form or another by other members.

39 is just a year older than me and too early for anyone to go but if anything it's inspired me to power on and set some goals and for that some thanks is certainly due.
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