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It happened to me,I uploaded a Airwolf video and it was a abit from a episode about 2 mins long and cos of the sound track I was using, youtube block the whole video so had to change it with different sound and music.,mad,Airwolf came out in 1984,over 30 years ago and it still copyrighted.Well there are hoping they can still sale it on DVD.Most fans have it on DVD like me.

Thats the problem people are still trying to make money from the Amiga now.

I have clearly said, I don't like Cloanto,I don't agree with them having copyright to the Workbench or the Kickstarts but that's another story.

Just thinking ,how did they get copyright to a video they didn't make,the owner of the video must of sold the copyright to them so blame the owner of the video.

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