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I am a firm believer that now more than ever before in human history we need effective (international) copyright laws - my only argument would be the outrageously generous lengthy terms given to copyright. IMHO no more than 30 years - thats it, work goes into the public domain.

But that is an argument for another day.

In regards to using copyright work, (if you like or not) you have some leeway -

"Fair Use" which I find quite an abhorrent "grey area" should allow you to use copyright work to critique, parody and educate, - but this "Fair Use" is so questionably defined that it leaves to the user and owner without any real knowing of what is right by the public.

All to often those with the most money will win in a copyright law suit, irrespective - is it right? No, sadly not in anyway.

I have had few youtube videos taken down with copyright claims - which is quite hilarious since it's mainly videos about Spectrum's, Emulation and general specialist information on said systems.

UMG media are a real pain with their claim of ownership - and yes I have had to deal with them via recorded post - (that gets their attention if YouTube doesn't *and very rarely does*).

But thats all solved done and dusted (in the above instance they were claiming copyright on audio grounds - apparently "Deadly_Cookies: alien breed remix" was theirs - LOL, which as you know isn't.

What we have here however is slightly different, Cloanto claims to own the copyright to "The Work" aka the source material. As such I will assume that they legally do for my following thoughts

Now, you would be aloud to use this under "Fair Use" policy - I would suggest that you have a good search on what "Fair Use" means to you and your projects - especially what YouTube deems as fair use (if you can nail it down )

Now, you should inform the owners of the original work that you plan to do with their work under "fair use" - (please note I said inform not request) - if they have issue with what you plan on using then they will contact you.

Personally I think this issue could of been avoided if you contacted Cloanto before you used their work - explaining what you wanted to do with it and reached a compromise of use and even links and back links for Clonato (this way everyone wins).

This may still be done if you contact them.

One day, Europe may develop sensible copyright laws with reasonable terms of public and private use.
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