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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
The homebrew community of the 7800 is one of the best.
PacManPlus alone has made some incredible games that really show what the 7800 could have done...
(Bentley Bear by PacManPlus shows how it would have handled a Super Mario type of game..)

It's a great system with some great games..

But also a great example of "it's the software."
It didn't die because it's hardware couldn't keep up.
It died because of the choices of games available.

Fun system..

(OK, not including a Pokey for sound on the main board was a terrible decision... :-)
I think you are being fairly generous here ;-)
If it had been released when it was actually completed (1984) maybe it could have gotten a better foothold before the Master System and most of all NES began their global domination tour. By 1986, it was a poor system by many standards even if it wasn't pushed to its limits by the early games.. (no console ever is)
And yes, the sound was simply one generation behind the competition.
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