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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

I will be honest CGX is far better than P96 - consider P96 the lowest common denominator - it was only really popularized with WinUAE and to some extent the Mediator series of adaptors.

The only way Jen's (or anyone) would invest money is if there is a financial return on that investment, and I suspect in this case that will be a 12 month cycle.

I have to admit reading about a developer whom loses his shit over a competing RTG graphics adaptor - so much so he will "threaten" to buy the rights to deny any chance of a completing its development under threat of law - that maybe some businesses, but its not one I would want to do any trade with.

So much so - I will spend the rest of the year developing a CGX or even an open platform driver - its been a while since I hit the metal on the Amiga, and this kind of activity can really motivate (kick in the arse) to change things.

There is always Kickstarter, Indigogo and GoFund me if anyone wants to raise a bit on the existing P96 worth.
If a kickstarter campaign is started that can provide a truly open source RTG driver then i would rather support that much more than paying a license fee, i believe other people would too. Enough of the problems with P96, time to move on.
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