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Originally posted by rattus
I tried out Breathless and GloomDeluxe using my accelerator but they still ran the same as on the stock '020 amiga (read: shite and unplayable) however these were relatively old disk copies.... I will have to try out the nifty WHDload versions to see if there is improvement like you say
Gloom Deluxe was really intended as an upgrade for power users, with 040/060 cards, graphics boards, etc. You can get it running at a reasonable speed with some tinkering, though. It'll also work on an expanded A500/A600 (minimum of a 68020).

Though the original Gloom doesn't look as good, it'll run full speed on an 030. Having said that, though, I seem to remember that Gloom Deluxe runs at a playable rate in full-screen mode on my 030 if I change the resolution to 2x1...

As for Breathless, it was actually bundled with the 1230-IV for a time. You're not missing anything if you can't get it to run, though.

WHDLoad installs of these games won't help the speed at all.
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