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Originally Posted by wawa View Post
people need to learn to cooperate within a bigger structure, alas, even if its trade off, rather than insist on pulling their own thing. aros provides such a structure. if more 68k people contributed, we would not only have a free rtg system but a whole working os replacement by now..
I do agree with what you say, but up to some extent. Aros 68k fails terribly, IMHO, in the way it is implemented. I share much the view of Heiroglyph on that particular subject. Aros68k fails massively due to the way it is structured. It is not a 1:1 AmigOS replacement project, which would have been very useful for regression tests. We cannot mix and replace Amiga binaries and expect the system to work. There is a lot of non Amiga API code (HID for example, or whatever it is called) that have nothing to do with AmigaOS. Then you have compiler generated code, which seems to be huge and bloated compared with ancient AmigaOS C compilers. There is now way to mix and reuse RomTags without a great rework. And the list could go on forever.

So, for me, in order to put Aros68k back on track a fork or a complete roadmap change is required, because if it continues to follow the way it has, it will certainly still be what it is now: an outcast from real Amiga hardware destined solely for some corner case use.

I really hope this changes.
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