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LOL, last night was reading something about Atari 8bit, and looky here in Analog Issue 21 - page 8:

Best part:

Is a new video game machine what consumers want
right now? Atari thinks so. They believe that the
video game business is very much alive and is just
like any other consumer entertainment business, such
as the record or movie industry. Business cycles and
creativity fluctuate in a cyclical fashion. The introduc-
tion of the Atari 7800 is not just a marketing whim
but, rather, is part of a "well-planned strategy" of a
series of new products that extends through the end
of 1985. Atari cites that, during the first four months
of 1984, 20 million game cartridges were sold — and
over half were purchased at full retail.
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