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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
So much so - I will spend the rest of the year developing a CGX or even an open platform driver - its been a while since I hit the metal on the Amiga, and this kind of activity can really motivate (kick in the arse) to change things.
there is initiative of heiroglyph on this site to adopt aros cgx system for amiga, however i have not heard of him after i sent him aros configuration suited to test on his hardware.

.. for the sake of it, while i trust it will be another strawfire, especially no idividual here can sustain a bigger project all alone.

people need to learn to cooperate within a bigger structure, alas, even if its trade off, rather than insist on pulling their own thing. aros provides such a structure. if more 68k people contributed, we would not only have a free rtg system but a whole working os replacement by now..
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