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old Amiga video should they be copyrighted?

old Amiga video should they be copyrighted?…
really want feed back from the community.

"So I recently had a copyright claim on my AmigaNG Youtube channel

[ Show youtube player ]

This was a very short little weird and fun vid of songfiy the launch of the Amiga, a bit of daft video and not too fussed if it gone.

However I would be upset if the Only Amiga Song ( [ Show youtube player ]) or Making of Amiga Boing Ball ( [ Show youtube player ]) videos would be claimed.

I feel this might be more likely to happen now that Amiga films have had a commercial success and value. Its ironic as I helped back both Amiga Years and Viva Amiga films.

I feel all the video do being out on the web is help promote and better inform people about how great the Amiga was back in its time, lets face it most people out in the real world have only a passing interest in Amiga or some fond memories and are unlikly to pay to watch an Amiga film, they might just watch it if it pops up for free or possible part of a subscription services but most are unlikly to watch it unless there a fan.

Keeping them copyrighted, locked up will mean only true Amiga fans who watch the above films or buy Amiga forever dvd edition will ever seen them which I feel is a shame, what happened to "So the world may know!" theme of Amiga world. its hard enough in this day in age to tell people and get the word out that Amiga is still around and that you can get an amiga experience for your PC, Mac and even phone if you wish.

Case in point is that particular video taken down, was called Songfiy the launch of Amiga, Songfiy is a popular Youtube channel that takes normal talking moments and then makes a song out of them with heavy use of auto tune. People who may have no interest in Amiga what so ever will be searching for daft videos like this (I dont know why, but thats how the internet seem to roll nowadays) they may of come across my video and thought what the hell is this? what the hell is an Amiga? What is going on? what a lame video etc etc, but just one person might of gone, oh whats an Amiga? oh its a old 80s computer I never heard of, oh I might have to check that out and find out more about that! oh cool there an emulator / film / whole community behind it, I might join them.

See what happens if you just start locking things away that no one can see them, I admit it, its unlikly that the above happend, but you never know. I just feel its a real shame that some classic and real cool Amiga videos are starting to be locked away and I feel it should all fair use now.

Anyway like to know what the community thinks.
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