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Opensource lives from participating, it is not just money. Participating means testing, using it, giving feedback. Most people are passive, not willing to invest time in something to become a alternative in future, they say oh this and that is faster/better/more optimized on 3.X, why do we need something else? And because of that there will never be a alternative in reality, also if I look at Gunnars comments it is obvious that he prefers 3.X and not really stands behind something different, it would have been only a alternative when 3.X not works. I personal have no problem with it, you could say it creates a market for some commercial development. The other side is 3.X users will (similar to 4.X users) pay for everything then and there will be a dependency on the copyright owners. Not my idea of the future so not my way...<br />
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Anyway I have more interesting things I am busy now... I have bought a smartphone recently and still playing around with it, have a new software for app-development I am working with and nice game-development environment I can do games for mobile devices and browsers. Lots of interesting things to do (and useful for work mostly), I am not missing amiga stuff at the moment.

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