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it is not only if there is enough life for alternatives (indeed there is and components could be backported) but most people exactly want certain commercial components (only think of the partly hateful reactions when aros was announced as primary target platform for vampire). I needed some time to understand because I always thought that people would finally prefer a free alternative, but I was wrong. That will also mean that they have to pay for anything like the 4.X users all always made a fun of. It is their decision so they have to live (and pay) with the consequences. There were always people forecasting that but I did not want to believe it (silly me) but even I learn after some time. Now to all... pay (for everything), your choice your money
Once I get my Vampire, I will have both a CF (or SD) card with AROS and one with AOS 3.9, just to get familiar with both systems.
Some of the complaints Ive heard regarding AROS was its speed, but thats just a developing issue. As things get optimized, performance increases. But as you say, people has a pre-determined opinion about something based on its CURRENT performance, not on its potential.
Which is a pity.
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