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I am just going to highlight a few bits here (not trolling anyone)
Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
That could happen without any changes to the P96 binaries - the archive on aminet right now says it's shareware and you're supposed to register it.
Legally speaking, once something is in the public domain (in part or in whole) it cannot be taken out.

Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
he could just open a registration page that lets us pay some money and make our P96 installs legitimate.

If that is what happens, I think it would go a long way to repair the damage done here.
The damage at the moment is negligible, only words, puff and bluster - the *damage* will come when products requiring the use of p96 are denied licensees in favour of others, or even priced out of the market.

It wouldn't be the first time developers got a "fuck off" price from Jen's

Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
Alternatively, he could release an updated version of P96 that removes the shareware model and is only available from his site with registration. That would still be something, in that we'd be getting fixes/features.
One thing sticks with me, in regards to the certain handful of products, and I am paraphrasing "we don't have money for product support"

Have a search on these fair boards and you will find the direct quote.

Originally Posted by cmsj View Post
The worst move would be that the free DDK is licensed such that you can *only* use it to make drivers for the new P96.
I will be honest CGX is far better than P96 - consider P96 the lowest common denominator - it was only really popularized with WinUAE and to some extent the Mediator series of adaptors.

Originally Posted by OlafSch View Post
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He announced to buy it and even invest money in development. The old free P96 archive in aminet is a problem there, everybody shall buy a license from his shop so he will certainly think about how to get rid of that. We will see what will happen. I cannot remember him saying what will happen with the old one just that the new archive will be different for legal reasons. In the past there was already personal paint removed from aminet. The problem is there are certainly millions of P96 archives circulating around, almost impossible to remove. I do not know exactly what he plans.
The only way Jen's (or anyone) would invest money is if there is a financial return on that investment, and I suspect in this case that will be a 12 month cycle.

I have to admit reading about a developer whom loses his shit over a competing RTG graphics adaptor - so much so he will "threaten" to buy the rights to deny any chance of a completing its development under threat of law - that maybe some businesses, but its not one I would want to do any trade with.

If this is all true, then this is kind of activity is utter bullshit and as a community we shouldn't stand for it, let alone it being a 100% dick move against the community - I am very incensed about what I perceive as an injustice, this is NOT the community I want for our hobby.

So much so - I will spend the rest of the year developing a CGX or even an open platform driver - its been a while since I hit the metal on the Amiga, and this kind of activity can really motivate (kick in the arse) to change things.

There is always Kickstarter, Indigogo and GoFund me if anyone wants to raise a bit on the existing P96 worth.
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