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For some reason the amount of money required to buy the rights has always been estimated to be in the five-digit range. It appears unlikely that such an investment would pay off selling licenses to the original package on aminet. In my opinion it would even be difficult to do so by selling updates but I don't know Jens's sales figures for the other software he offers. I also don't think there is any potential to pull off some Microsoft move. If his stuff ends up being incompatible to the old picasso or to cybergraphx, it won't get used much. That's why I believe the money involved is much lower than what's been speculated and it will be in a range that can pay off selling distribution rights to small scale gfxcard manufacturers. The user license revenue will be a nice little extra. Of course there is some interest to make people believe he pays a lot of money as that will make his demands for OEM licenses appear more reasonable.

Personally I don't see much potential for damage here. Software, especially some driver stuff, is worth some money after all. I'd prefer free software but I agree with Olaf here: the community gets what it deserves. If there is not enough life in the community to come up with fully functional free alternatives to picasso, amigaos, tcp/ip, usb drivers and so on, well, that is that.
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