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Some of you have memroy issues:

In the early 90´s and up to when CBM went bust, prices were high, but were reasonably high as the hardware sold was matching the technology of that era. On the other hand you bought things brand new and had customer support and valid warranties. Furthermore, hardware was pretty abundant.

Back in the late 90´s beginning 2000, second hand high end accelerators and Amiga stuff was abundant and extremely cheap. This was due to the massive wave of users that were finally leaving the Amiga.

For example, I remember getting a BlizzardPPC in Amibench was about 150 USD.
Ebay pages with Amiga stuff listed were more than I could bare search.

Then, like about five/ten years ago, this retro computing culture hit top spot. Many hardware retro collectors appeared and prices went up, and still go up, to reach incredible heights. You can even witness hardware priced much higher than when it was brand new, state of the art, more than two decades ago.

So, saying that Amiga stuff in the 90´s was extremely expensive doesnt accurately depict the real happennings. Today prices are very high with second hand pretty outdated Amiga hardware and the trend seems to go that way driving vintage sites and ebay lurkers insane.
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