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Originally Posted by Amimal View Post
Rare-DemoPackLiquid.adf: The fifth demo tends to leave an ugly trace after the scrolling logo/text, and it doesn't really look as it were intended. Very subtle and short-lived, but visible nonetheless. I've occasionally spotted similar behavior for other demos on real A500 hardware, so it could just be a less-than-elegant routine doing it's thing.
I didn't bother to check because it does look technically intentional, same keeps happening regularly at the edge of the scroller, whatever its position.


There's also the fourth demo (F4) from "KORT-UntitledPack.adf" that shows a red garbage line at the bottom of the screen, which's tied to the displaying of the red letters right above it, and because of the extreme proximity, I didn't want to right away discard it as overscan area.
Real A500 confirmed. Looks like it is invisible on normal TVs and need 1081/84/8833 with some height adjustments to make it visible.

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