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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
this is like "He who controls the spice controls the universe."
frank herbert has foreseen few developments we are currently dealing with, just to mention that the desert planet houses a worlds essential resource everybody goes battling about because imperias can decline about it. not that it was as hard to come to his conclusions equipped with some basic knowledge about the practices of history of colonialism and imperialism..

Fortunately for the community we were able to catch a sniff of the planned future,.
alas its not enough to take a sniff..

as a result we can now either persuade the opening up of p96, a low cost licensing system.
we cant persuade anybody, except he lets himself persuade or does it of his own good will.

or a community effort to produce a new RTG to prevent a monopoly .
i and few others have stressed such issues in a foresight what might happen, however what needs to happen is an action. and it means cooperation between parties of concurrent interests. such as apollo, mist, mntmn, fpga arcade. aros not to mention the least at an end.

btw thats why i was asking questions about the kickstart licensing issues. not of hostility but of concern, that some critical corner cases may block a promissing developments.
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