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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

2) Intentional or not, attempting to block a competitor using a far from clear ownership of a 20 year copyright - is both nefarious and desperate, and will land a large suit of law that only solicitors profit from.
Are we few , we who think people over-estimate how much this is worth? I can easily see lawyer fees - by far - exceed the money that can be collected from the community or some loner doing some hobby project for no profit.. a nische hobby market. Don't expect Robert Kardashian - style lawyers in such a case.
And who exactly are they going to sue after untangling this legal "ball of yarn" mess?
It's not like they could target a big company to bring home some serious cash.
The lawyer you hire for this case is that guy that failed law school and can be paid in food coupons and free coffee :-)

The cost of actual legal action vs the potential pay off is probably why someone would resort to premature threats rather than going through the whole procedure of first acquiring a product with messy legal status the proceed with the law suit...

Oh well...
In a way, all this is actually somewhat amusing to witness..

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