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Wow.... you go away for a couple of days.....

I doubt ever before the inequities of monopolies have ever played out to such a fashion in such a niche microcosm that we call " Amiga World "

To be honest my opinions are that of my own and since your still reading here are just some thoughts.

1) Our platform should of had a fully supported open platform for both RTG and OS by now -after all its been 16 years since OS3.9 and well over 20 years for an RTG platform - arguably one could mention AROS and I would say touché

2) Intentional or not, attempting to block a competitor using a far from clear ownership of a 20 year copyright - is both nefarious and desperate, and will land a large suit of law that only solicitors profit from.

3)In regards to RTG, I would love to see an Open Zorro system, like OpenPCI, I feel that this is a missed opportunity by our community - but no one that need continue to be missed.

All in all, I am firm believer in the; If there isn't a "thing" to do "XYZ" lets make one... admittedly getting X, Y and Z all working can be an utter fut-buggery at times -

The fact we have such a strong and talented community across multiple developments can really finally get our "Amiga World" a little more open and a lot more accessible.
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