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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Read the mail again. Isn't that exactly what it offers?
this is like "He who controls the spice controls the universe.". Now that there has been an Amiga revival as such. P96 is the key to high resolution performance and if a person can lock up the rights it can become a valuable commodity and force other developers to pay up or stop developing.

Fortunately for the community we were able to catch a sniff of the planned future, as a result we can now either persuade the opening up of p96, a low cost licensing system or a community effort to produce a new RTG to prevent a monopoly of RTG grfx. Seeing as Jens S. has now shown he sent the email to Mntmn we now know that it is him that has tried to make plans to buy out all rights for P96, why would someone want to buy out rights after all these years on on old driver, I dont think anyone is naive enough not to know the answer to that.

It is up to the community as to how you want to spend your cash and not be held hostage to only one option.

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