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Originally Posted by Wulmund View Post
I tried using game ports, it seems to remember the key presses, although when you test, there's a non-response every other
Do you mean Test mode? It is by design.

press. Should be working ok because the cd22 with no game in acknowledges the buttons. Or at least some of them. But in games - nothing!
This does not sound like wrong configuration but something to do with the game. Which games? Correct port?

If I just wanted to use the keyboard I might be ok, but want to use joy pads.
Game Ports panel should work exact same with keyboards and joysticks.


- Make sure Input panel is in GamePorts mode (not Configuration #1-3).
- Select your joystick from game ports panel joystick select menu.
- Boot to game, does it work?
- Select pre-defined keyboard layout (preferably A if you have numpad in your keyboard). Does same game work?

Does some confirmed working A500 game (in A500 config) work with same config? Less unknown variables.
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