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Good Evening

Ive been an Amiga fan since 1991 which is when I was bought my first Amiga 500. A few years later I bought a A570 CDTV add on as they were on offer and cheap. In 95 I passed my driving test and the Amiga was forgotten about and eventually moved into the Shed, a few year later I moved out. I went back for my Amiga but my Dad had BINNED the lot, What a BELL END!!! I did still have a lot of my games though, they were kept separate.

I often considered buying another but couldn't see the point as I was using WinUAE and it did exactly what and Amiga did. Last week I bought Shadow of the beast for my PS4, I unlocked the original game on it but It didnt feel right but played it anyway. A few days later I decided to look on eBay, I found a 500 with a external drive, leads and power supply, boxed for £40 plus £10 P&P but was listed as untested, I had some money in my paypal account and decided to take a chance on it. It arrived on Saturday (20th May). First thing was to check see if it had an expansion card, it did and the battery had leaked. Plug it all in and it worked, I was well chuffed, later that day I went to my lockup and found out my old games and controllers.

I probably have plenty of questions to ask in the future

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