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I am maintainer and there are 2 threads on a1k.

One thread is about the P96 license status and one about the strange email mntmn got.
In the license thread you can find a emotional discussion between thorfdbg, the guy who updated P96, and many users. His intention is to get a fully legal P96 solution which include already done improvements and to do future improvements on a legal way. This discussion already started a long time ago in other threads and exploded in the thread about the strange email. He was also upset about this kind of doing business!
The thread is also emotional and after 2 days of exploding minds everyone cooled down. We know the guy behind the email, but what should I say, he is shooting in his own knees... Because now also other hardware developers reported such mails. But a dog which is barking is normally not biting...

A very good neutral summary can be found here:

Maybe the Google translation will be better than the one from the a1k discussion. Maybe Amiga-News will offer an English translation in the next days.

I was also upset about many comments, but everyone should now cool down. In Germany we say: Nothing will be eaten so hot like cooked... This 2 threads are really not the AMIGA community!!! There are many other good and interesting projects like the grafic board from Matze and so on...
The people are helping each other to repair every Amiga, no one must day!
You have the better software projects, we the better hardware projects, but WE ARE ALL ONE COMMUNITY!

It is like a dispute with the wife, often is the sex better after a cleaning storm.

A new possibility is maybe CGFX and also AROS RTG, but such things should not discussed with the users, they just need a working solution to be happy.

I wrote this in my holiday on my iPhone, so excuse in advance for everything which will be now written to my post.

Regarding P96, there will be no news from the owners till beginning/mid of June. Then we will see...
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