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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Because I'm sick of all the f**king falling out over 20 year old hardware and software
well, thats the reailty of the situation, always was, ridiculous i know. but amiga legacy was semi worthless the day before commodore went belly up, and everybody knows that. nevertheless no heavier battles in computer industry have been carried out above such a rottening corpse as here!

now. we are caring about these issues.. ocassionally.. dont we? i just fired up my a4k to see how that comes along with what i have proposed to heiroglyph as an entry point, to start with a replacement considerations, and beyond one or two known issues its fine.

im not your positive guy, that shall be known so far, but i have made my choices sd soon as i reailzed the implications of policies, amiga community is ridden with and im positive a solution will be found. perhaps rather later than sonner, but the way is the goal. right?
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