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Man, this thread is a pleasure to read isn't it.. Here's my own long, pointless and incoherent rant. Enjoy. :-)

Before the announcement of HDMI output on the Vampire, how many A500, 600, 1200 owners cared about P96?
Now, it seems, we are at the dawn of the battle for the Amiga 68k's RTG future...
Talk about a storm in a tea cup.

To whoever it applies: wake up folks, every single user of Amiga 68k is also using some kind of superior technology to get actual work done, be it a modern computer or a smartphone. NO ONE *needs* their Amiga to do any sort of commercial stuff.
Stop seeing it as a cow you can milk long after it died.
If you still feel you are the rightful owner of the tech, by all means, make it easy to license this 20 years old Tech.. PayPal for a license key thanx, why not.

But then suddenly someone shows up and triggers the ugly debate for the last week or so..
Why would anyone after 20 years (but just shortly after Vampire adopts it as standard driver) suddenly anounce the plan to buy the p96 license (as opposed to any other "solution") and threaten with legal action instead of simply asking for a small license fee for this ancient piece of code? To what end..? well...
I have noooo idea who that could be ;-)

Who has something to lose if Vampire becomes a success?
Who is selling products that compete with Vampire?

Who knows, right?

But then it is clear that there are other ways to do this. And the result is that the community gets more fragmented by the minute.
Who benefits from that?

The whole old A500-1200, CD32 community who doesnt own a Vampire don't give a crap about P96. Once the AGA emulation is done, the SAGA driver might not need P96 or any other official RTG driver, so this move for hijacking P96 only buys some time and alienates part of the community. Great long term strategy...

The truth is out there. But why is it hiding in the shadows...

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