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Originally Posted by ptyerman View Post
Because I'm sick of all the f**king falling out over 20 year old hardware and software, every forum you read somebody is at it.
I've spent the last year battling with f**king cancer and that is depressing enough without all the drama around my favourite platform.
I don't care about the Vampire right now, this is about P96 and the future of Amiga RTG. You, me and everyone else SHOULD care what happens about it, and if there is going to be a replacement.
Oh I care about the future of the platform, but after joining the apollo-team IRC channel, if Im curious about something, I usually get a reply there eventually.
Forums are seldomly good for transmitting exchanges, because the tone and intent usually gets lost in the words.

IRC is better since there you get clarification if you misunderstand something.
Another thing; I usually just read the posts, and doesnt really care what they say unless its someone with solid facts, and not like most of us; speculation.

Anyhow, good luck with recovery from cancer. Get well mate!
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