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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
The joystick is not "inserted" on WinUAE when I hold the button. The joystick button itself is working, because I can use the button to dismiss the presentation of most games (even without any joystick set on WinUAE port 2). But I can't use the d-pad to control anything. I must set the joystick manually.
Did you also configure the joystick using Input panel? Autoswitch in Input panel mode basically only enables the device in Input panel.

Does it work if you manually enable the joystick using Input panel?

It would be possible for WinUAE to temporarily disable the autoconfig entry for all the HDs like it is possible to do with the Early Setup manually? This would be the prefered way for working with WinUAE hardfiles and TOSEC disks found on the NET.
I don't see the point (just use different config?) but I'll add disable option to ROM panel boot ROM selection.
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